CEGA Services/Contact Center, Inc.


PO Box 81826
Lincoln, 68501-1826



Gary Hill, President

CEGA Services is currently specializing in human services. CEGA Services serves as an information center and clearinghouse for a number of international organizations and has conducted in-country projects in more than 50 nations. CEGA Services, along with its sister non-profit organization, the Contact Center, provides research, secretariat, management and consulting services for companies and organizations with activities in criminal justice, anti-discrimination, education, human rights, immigrant and migrant support. Much of the work of CEGA Services is provided without charge to the client. CEGA Services administers websites on correctional staff training, the Nebraska Holocaust Memorial, United Nations Crime Congresses, a Criminal Justice Knowledge Center and a Criminal Justice Events Calendar. Previously, CEGA Services operated a recycling center, aluminum/brass smelter, in-bound tele-marketing center, publishing company, charter air service and a commercial printing company. CEGA Services phased of those activities in early 2000 and now concentrates solely on criminal justice and human service-related work.